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Pillows for Hiking and Camping

Explore our range of inflatable, compact, and lightweight pillows for your outdoor activities, from hiking to trekking, bikepacking, or bushcraft.

Why take a pillow on a hike?

A hiking pillow greatly improves the comfort of your sleep after a long day of exertion. It properly supports the head and neck, thus avoiding stiffness upon waking. Additionally, a pillow adds a touch of comfort that can make the difference between a restorative sleep and a difficult night. For hikers, bikepackers, and other outdoor adventure enthusiasts, this accessory can transform a night spent in the wild into a more pleasant and restful experience.

How to choose a pillow?

Choosing a hiking pillow depends on several essential criteria. First, compactness and weight are crucial for adventurers looking to reduce the weight of their backpack. Inflatable pillows are a popular option for their lightness and ease of storage. Next, it is important to consider the material: some pillows offer a soft and comfortable touch, while others focus on durability and ease of cleaning. Finally, the shape and support also vary from one model to another, so choose the one that best suits your needs. At Freezedried & Co, we offer a range of pillows that combine lightness, comfort, and ease of use to meet your outdoor sleeping expectations.

Complementary bivouac accessories

A pillow alone is not enough. For a perfect night, it is advisable to complement it with other equipment. Among the essentials are the trekking mattress and the sleeping bag. These two elements are indispensable to avoid getting cold while you sleep.
Next, it is recommended to have a shelter. Even though it is possible to sleep under the stars, a hiking tent will protect you from potential bad weather and insects. Halfway between a tent and sleeping under the stars, there is the hammock. Combined with a tarp, it allows you to sleep while being protected from wild animals and rain.
Finally, among the non-essential but important accessories, we can mention the sleep mask or earplugs. These complementary items to inflatable pillows are lightweight and take up little space. They can make a difference if you sleep in a noisy and bright place, such as a refuge.

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