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5 Benefits of Freeze-Dried Meals for Hikers

June 2024 - reading time: 7 minutes

Freeze-dried meals are essential for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts. Perhaps as a "Food Lover," you remain skeptical about the advantages and taste of these meals? In this article, we will take a closer look at these meals and their specifics.


1. Freeze-dried meals are light!

2. Known energy intake

3. Easy preparation

4. Meals that suit everyone

5. Safe meals in any weather

6. Conclusion


Freeze-dried meals are light!

Going for several days requires hunting down excess grams. Freeze-dried food is particularly light and easy to transport. By removing almost all the water from the food, freeze-drying significantly reduces its weight and volume, allowing more food to be carried without weighing down the backpack, thus limiting fatigue.

Known energy intake

Freeze-dried meals are designed to provide a high energy intake, essential for hikers who burn a lot of calories. Knowing the energy we assimilate helps us understand our needs in the field and choose our meals accordingly. A good energy intake is vital, the opposite can lead to a risk of injuries. You're not here to suffer (well, maybe a little... but you love challenges, that's why you're here, right?). Different formats are available on freezedriedandco.com to adapt the calorie intake based on the effort.

Easy preparation

Some recipes can be rehydrated with cold water when you don't want to carry your stove or if the gas cartridge is empty, for example. However, for taste comfort, hot water remains the best option in most situations. Once the water is boiling, just pour it directly into the sachet, mix well, and wait for the indicated time, that's all! The dosage is important; manufacturers indicate the amount of water to add on the sachet and most even offer a line inside the sachet to facilitate preparation. While waiting for the meal to "come back to life," you can put your hands against the sachet to warm them up in cold weather! And if you don't like household chores, you'll escape the washing-up, as eating directly from the sachet means you leave "plate and hiking bowl" at home – saving time to enjoy the view or remove the thorns embedded in your legs and saving space in the bag.


▶▶ Freeze-dried pulled pork ◀◀


▶▶ Grand hiking pack with freeze-dried and snacks ◀◀

Meals that suit everyone

Beef bourguignon, pulled pork, tartiflette, lentil and rice dahl, chocolate cream, apple crumble, scrambled eggs, or chocolate muesli... There are dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of freeze-dried breakfast recipes, complete meals, desserts to delight the taste buds of gourmet hikers, whether they are cheese lovers, vegetarians, or fans of exotic flavors. This variety helps break the monotony when sitting down for dinner at the bivouac, which is good for morale! People with intolerances (gluten, lactose, etc.) will find allergen-free recipes. Finally, children also have their meals for hiking with portions adapted to their size.

Safe meals in any weather

Freeze-dried meals offer high food safety, as the freeze-drying and packaging process protects the food from external contaminants. These foods also have a very long shelf life, often several years, without needing refrigeration. They resist temperature variations and harsh weather conditions, making them perfect for hitting the trails in any weather.


Freeze-dried meals prove to be a practical and effective solution for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their light weight allows more food to be carried without weighing down the backpack, thus reducing fatigue. Designed to provide a high energy intake, these meals help maintain the necessary endurance levels for long days of hiking. Easy to prepare, with options for hot or cold water rehydration, they simplify life in the great outdoors. The wide variety of recipes available at Freezedried & Co, catering to all tastes and dietary needs, allows for balanced and delicious meals, improving morale. Finally, their long shelf life and resistance to weather conditions make them a reliable option for all adventures. By choosing freeze-dried meals, you are assured of enjoying all these benefits on your next hikes. We invite you to explore our wide selection of freeze-dried meals suited to all your expeditions.

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