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Portable solar panels

Whatever type of outdoor activity you practice, you inevitably use electronic devices like a smartphone or a headlamp. This necessarily implies a power source for these devices. The use of a portable solar panel is the solution we propose. It will provide you with a quick, free, and above all, ecological energy source. Want to learn more about the subject? This article explores the advantages of portable solar panels for outdoor activity enthusiasts.

A portable solar panel: what is it?

A portable solar panel is a smaller and lighter version of the traditional solar panel commonly seen on the roofs of some houses, which produces electricity for domestic use. The difference here is that the portable panel is much smaller and lighter. It also produces electricity, but in smaller quantities. However, this is sufficient to ensure your batteries are fully charged during your outdoor activities. Several brands are offered on our site, such as Sunslice or X-Moove.
The portable solar panel stores the generated energy in an external battery that you can easily use later. However, it is also equipped with USB ports to which you can directly connect your electronic devices (phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, GPS, etc.). This will allow them to benefit from direct power. This is a rapidly growing technology nowadays.
Thanks to these solar cells, the portable solar panel can capture the sun's rays and convert them into electrical energy to power all your electronic devices.
These panels will be useful to you wherever you are. You will no longer risk running out of batteries.

Advantages of portable solar panels for outdoor activity enthusiasts

Portable solar panels are suitable for all outdoor expeditions, such as skiing and hiking. Additionally, if you are camping, trekking, the panels will be more efficient because you will benefit from much more energy autonomy. To return to the advantages, we will start by specifying that they are numerous:
  • they stand out for their practicality, they are very light and do not encumber you. Perfect for your outdoor activities that involve light travel;
  • they are efficient, mainly resistant and waterproof;
  • their ruggedness allows them to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C.
In addition to these advantages, we can mention that these panels provide you with green, clean energy. They do not generate any greenhouse gases. Therefore, they are very ecological. Also, they allow you to produce your own energy and consume it for free. They are therefore economical.
Furthermore, these panels represent an inexhaustible energy source. You can produce your electricity as many times as you need. They indeed use the sun's rays, and the sun is a renewable energy source.
Also, these panels convert solar radiation into electricity without causing noise pollution. Perfect for going unnoticed in the woods, without attracting attention.
Portable solar panels allow you to fully enjoy your expedition without depending on electrical outlets. Choose the one that suits you, and it will be your best ally for a memorable stay in nature.

Precautions to take before buying a solar panel

To start, they can sometimes present limited compatibility with your devices. Before buying it, it is therefore recommended to try it to ensure it matches the devices you intend to charge. Next, they are dependent on the weather. You should already know that you will not be able to produce electricity at night. And even if you can still capture solar rays when it rains, they will be much weaker than during sunny weather. The energy produced by a portable solar panel can be unstable when the weather changes.
That is why we recommend using a buffer battery during rainy weather, as some devices (smartphone, camera, tablet, laptop, etc.) require a stable energy source to recharge properly. Additionally, some high-performance batteries require the use of a voltage regulator or a solar booster. This helps regulate the charge and, at the same time, protect the system.
As mentioned earlier, some portable panels are larger. These can indeed be folded, but once unfolded, they take up significant space. It is important to remember that the size of the panel varies depending on the amount of electricity produced. That is why you should choose your panel based on your needs. If you do not need to produce a large amount of energy, it is then unnecessary to carry a large solar panel.

How to install a portable solar panel?

There is nothing easier than installing a solar panel. To use it, you just need to unfold it and expose it to the sun's rays for it to start working. If it is small, you can hang it on your backpack. You can move around quietly while ensuring your electronic devices are recharged. Therefore, you have the possibility to use these panels in all circumstances.

Earlier, we mentioned that portable solar panels are advantageous for hikers and other outdoor adventurers. However, they can also be used by people who do not practice outdoor activities. Anyone seeking energy autonomy can use them. So, during a day at the beach or when you move to a place where it is difficult to find an outlet and electricity, this panel can greatly serve you.
They can also be used for domestic purposes and help you save more. You just need to determine the amount of electricity you will need and choose the panel accordingly. You can install it in your garden, for example.

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