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Fuel Your Preparation

<p><strong>Two new brands have replaced Mountain House... One brand for outdoor activities, <a href="http://en.lyophilise.fr/CT-1817-summit-to-eat.aspx">Summit to Eat</a> and another to prepare your dietary stock, Fuel Your Preparation.</strong></p><p>Fuel your Preparation is one of the best choices for people who want to build a dietary stock in case of an emergency or disaster situation.</p><p>Some delicious cooked recipes made up of fresh and quality products with generous serves for a light weight.</p><p>All their recipes are available in pouch (7-year shelf life) and in tins (25-year shelf life) to prepare your dietary stock in case of emergency or survival situations. Some packs in function of number of people and shelf life are also available, we can make your own customised pack on a simple request at <a href="mailto:team@lyophilise.com">team@lyophilise.com</a>.</p>

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