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Cooking Equipment and Stoves for Hiking, Bivouac, Outdoor

Discover our range of compact and lightweight kitchen equipment for hiking, bivouacking, mountaineering, camping, or bikepacking. At Freezedried & Co, we take care to select the best brands. This ensures you have robust and durable kitchen accessories that will accompany you on many expeditions.

Cooking to vary the pleasures

Nutrition during a trek, as in all outdoor sports, is extremely important. It helps you regain strength with often caloric and nutritious meals. It is highly recommended not to skip any meals and even to snack in between! For snacks, cooking is not necessary. However, at breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, cooking allows you to bring variety to your meals. It also allows you to enjoy a good hot meal that will warm you up during your high-altitude bivouacs or during the cold seasons.
Current kitchen equipment is efficient. In other words, they are both lightweight so as not to weigh down your backpack and efficient so as not to waste too much time. Perfect for regaining strength and boosting morale with good little dishes!

Pot or food container?

The pot is a small saucepan made for cooking while bivouacking, camping, or even in your van. It can be placed on a stove or a wood fire, making it perfect for cooking or heating water for your freeze-dried meals. They come in all materials. Titanium is a trendy material for its properties: it is ultra-light and strong.
As for the food container, it can be insulated, which is useful for transporting hot meals. Moreover, it can be used in daily life for lunch at work. It is a good alternative to the stove-pot combo for those who do not like to cook.

Wide choice of stoves

To cook with your pot, there are several options. Make a small fire (which can sometimes be complicated) or opt for the stove. It is simpler and faster. There are many stoves:
  • The wood stoves: to put small branches or pine cones
  • The gas stoves: compact, lightweight, and powerful. These are the most used by outdoor enthusiasts
  • The alcohol stoves: they work in all weather conditions
  • The multi-fuel stoves: also working in all weather conditions, they are also very efficient
We could also mention the self-heating systems or the solar cookers which are sometimes sought after by some enthusiasts.
To learn more about which stove to choose, we recommend reading this guide. You will know which type of stove is perfectly suited to the use you want to make of it.
Finally, besides stoves, Freezedried & Co offers a complete range of stove accessories such as gas cartridges, tripods, suspension kits, or even spare parts. A broken stove is not necessarily to be thrown away!

The best brands for outdoor cooking

Sea to Summit, Jetboil, MSR, Goal Zero, Toaks... the most well-known brands are listed on our online store. You will inevitably find the right accessory, from the small stove to heat your water for freeze-dried meals to the complete cooking system for your bushcraft outings.

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