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Our Selection of Freeze-dried Meals

The Top Freeze-dried category includes our best-sellers as well as our selections of freeze-dried meals to make your choice easier. Designed for your outdoor activities, these meals are perfect for hiking, bikepacking, offshore racing or mountaineering.

Turnkey meal selections

These carefully assembled kits offer a variety of nutritious and tasty choices, ideal for those looking to simplify their outdoor diet without sacrificing quality. Perfect for busy adventurers, each selection is designed to maximise convenience and minimise preparation, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor experience to the full.
The Bestsellers selection: this selection brings together our 10 best-selling freeze-dried meals. Recommended by adventurers and hikers for their taste and nutritional value, these meals will accompany you on all your expeditions.
The healthy selection: for those who prefer natural foods (without additives or preservatives), our selection of 10 100% natural meals will be ideal. No ingredients with unpronounceable names!
The low-price selection: our selection of 10 low-price freeze-dried meals lets you enjoy excellent quality without breaking your budget. These affordable meals guarantee optimum energy intake without compromising on taste or nutritional value.
The performance selection: optimise your calorie intake without weighing down your rucksack with these ten meals offering the best kcal/weight ratio. These specially designed meals provide the energy you need with minimal weight. Perfect for performance-oriented adventurers.
The Adventure Food selection: discover the Adventure Food range through a special selection of ten meals. Renowned for their quality, great taste and ease of preparation, Adventure Food meals are a must for demanding adventurers.

The best freeze-dried meals according to our customers

The freeze-dried meals included in this category, which complement the turnkey selections, are the ones that are most popular with our customers. Sold individually, there is a wide variety of brands to suit all appetites (from 400 to 1000 calories per portion) and diets (with meat, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), from breakfast to dessert.

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