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Toaks ultralight titanium pot - 0.55L

Reference : TO-10-05!

The titanium cooker offers the advantage of being ultra-light and resistant at the same time. With a capacity of 550 ml, you can use it both as a cup and as a saucepan.

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The Toaks 550 ml titanium cookware is an essential accessory for ultralight hiking. Toaks specializes in titanium kitchen accessories for outdoor activities. 

The Many Benefits of Titanium

1. It's lightweight: Titanium is primarily known for this advantage, and for good reason! This 550 ml cookware weighs only 72 g including the 18 g lid. Enough to not weigh down an already well-stocked backpack with the tent, sleeping bag, food, etc.

2. It's hypoallergenic: A little-known asset to many. Titanium minimizes the risk of allergies. Eat and drink without any risk.

3. It's durable: Lightweight doesn't mean fragile. Titanium, despite being very light, can be more resistant than low-grade stainless steel. So, you can take your titanium cookware with you on many expeditions.

4. It requires no maintenance: Apart from cleaning the food residues in the cookware, titanium requires no special maintenance.

Practical for Bivouacking

The Toaks titanium cookware is thus a highly appreciated accessory for hikers, bivouac enthusiasts, or even mountaineers. Furthermore, the cookware has a retractable handle to avoid burning and has a lid that allows for faster cooking or boiling of water.

Finally, the Toaks titanium cookware comes with a storage pouch. Thus, you can also store leftovers. Close your cookware with the lid and place it in the storage pouch. Tighten the latter to prevent any accidental opening. This way, you'll avoid wasting food.

Key Points

The Toaks 550 ml titanium cookware:

  • Is very resistant, lightweight, and durable thanks to its 3 mm titanium construction
  • Comes with a lid and storage pouch included
  • Can incorporate small EN 417 standard cartridge models

Weight (g) 72g. Pot: 54g/Lid: 18g
Materials 3mm titanium
Additional information - Handles that retract
- Graduations inside and outside the cup
- Titanium leaves no smell or taste
- Easy to clean
- The smallest EN417 standard cartridges can be stored inside the mess kit
Size in cm (L x W x H) 10 x 10 x 8
Included accessories - Mesh storage bag
Container (ml) 0.55L