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Energy & electrolytes drinks for sportsmen and women

Do you like adventure, adrenaline and endurance? Are your favourite activities those that force you to push your limits? We have a nugget for you. Endurance sports are very energy intensive. After a good session, you lose a lot of water that needs to be replaced. That's why we present our range of energy drinks. These are essential items to add to your endurance sports items from now on. If you want to know more, this article will give you more information.

What are energy drinks?

It is important to know from the outset that an energy drink is a nutritional product for sportsmen and women. It is mainly made for endurance athletes who are constantly trying to push their limits. It is composed of water, vitamins, sugar, minerals and antioxidants. It adequately rehydrates the body and helps to fight against fatigue.
In addition, it boosts the energy of the sportsman by enabling him to improve his performance. It is the drink for long and intense efforts. It is recommended to drink it before, during and even after physical effort. Some dieticians even recommend taking a few sips every 20 minutes. Of course, the frequency and even the quantity can vary depending on the activity performed and the climate conditions.

How important are energy drinks?

Endurance sports are all about pushing yourself to the limit, as your body has to maintain a high level of strength for long periods. On top of this, there is a desire to achieve and break personal records. Therefore, it is essential for endurance athletes not to neglect any step, from preparation to recovery after intense physical effort. It is therefore a question of optimising hydration and energy intake.
Energy drinks are special drinks that contain electrolytes. You should know that during exercise you lose an average of 1 to 1.5 litres of water in an hour. Depending on certain factors such as the intensity of the effort, its duration or the ambient temperature, the loss can increase to 3 litres in an hour. It is important to note that a water loss of 2% is more than enough to affect your performance. Moreover, it is generally at this stage of loss that thirst is triggered and even increased.
You will hardly be able to beat your record with this uncomfortable feeling of thirst and fatigue. It is therefore important to prevent this with a quality training drink. To compensate for all that you have lost by sweating, you need an isotonic energy drink to boost your carbohydrate and mineral levels.
The combination of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals will help to meet the nutritional needs of athletes during major competitions. It is also useful for high intensity exercise such as hiking, ultra-trail, running, mountaineering and cycling. Electrolyte-rich drinks are designed to help with hydration. They also help fight fatigue. Electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
Energy drinks are ideal for sustained, long-term efforts, as are salty energy bars, energy purees and energy cakes, for example. They are particularly popular with the young, active and busy population. They increase physical energy levels. In addition, they prolong alertness and stimulate intellectual development. However, they are not recommended for everyday use, especially considering their high caloric intake.

Energy drinks for all preferences

Let's just say that in our shop you will find many energy drinks made by different brands. We work with the best brands on the market, such as Maurten, Chimpanzee, Meltonic, PowerBar, EffiNov Nutrition and many others. This means that we can guarantee that our drinks are of the highest quality and provide you with a full complement of essential nutrients.
Because we care about your health, we only offer you drinks made from natural ingredients. Your body will easily assimilate them. There is no risk of unwanted effects. All these drinks have different compositions, but each one fulfils its purpose.
In addition, we offer energy drinks for all tastes, but the main flavours are fruity. We also include all types of customers. If you have gluten or lactose allergies, we have the perfect drinks for you. Vegans will also be able to get what they want.
The Real On The Go brand offers lactose-free and gluten-free powdered solutions. Simply pour these powders into water to get your drink. They have a fruity flavour and give you a boost within minutes.

What to add to our energy drinks?

To begin with, it is important to stay properly hydrated even after exercise. It is recommended to continue drinking an energy drink for 1 to 2 hours after exercise. This will allow you to adequately compensate for all that has been lost. In addition, as some activities are more energy intensive than others, you can supplement your drink with another food.
For example, you can pair the drink with plain yoghurt, hot chocolate or cottage cheese. You can also alternate your drink with other types of snacks such as energy gels, which you can find on our website. They are also effective in replenishing your energy.
In short, it is important to be physically active, but it is even more important to have all the necessary elements at your disposal to ensure your well-being. Endurance sports consume a lot of energy that you have to replace constantly. Energy drinks are ideal for this.

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