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Hiking & Camping: being self-sufficient in electricity

Heading out on an adventure in the great outdoors doesn't mean being cut off from the world. Most of us hike with numerous electronic devices: smartphones, GoPros, drones, rechargeable headlamps, GPS watches... Today, being self-sufficient in electricity during your hiking and camping trips is easier than ever thanks to a wide range of accessories. Whether you're trekking the trails of Brittany or camping in the mountains, here's how to stay connected and illuminated without sacrificing the freedom of adventure.


Solutions for Staying Self-Sufficient in Electricity

If you don't come across any refuges or houses during your hikes, then you'll need to consider acquiring two accessories: an external battery and a portable solar panel.

Power Banks, a Must-Have for Trekking

Power Bank are essential for anyone looking to stay connected during hikes and camping trips. They offer a reliable mobile power source to recharge your electronic devices. Modern external batteries come in different capacities. For hiking, to limit weight, it is recommended to use a power bank between 5000 and 20000 mAh. A model with a capacity of 5000 mAh allows for 1 charge. A model with 10000 mAh, the most common among hikers, allows for 2 charges. Finally, a model with 20000 mAh allows for 4 charges.

When choosing an external battery, it is possible to opt for a water and shock-resistant model to ensure its durability outdoors. Batteries with multiple output ports are particularly useful as they allow you to charge several devices at once.

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Portable Solar Panels, Complementary to Power Banks

If one external battery isn't enough, there's no need to buy several. You'll only overload yourself unnecessarily. Opt for a portable solar panel. These lightweight and often foldable devices allow you to capture solar energy throughout the day, converting the sun's rays into electricity that you can store in your power bank. The main advantage of solar panels is that they offer a renewable and inexhaustible energy source, allowing you to recharge your electronic devices even in the most isolated places.

Attach the solar panel to your backpack while walking or deploy it at your campsite to make the most of the sunlight. This way, you can keep your external batteries fully charged, ensuring extended autonomy without unnecessarily weighing down your gear. For more information, check out our guide to choosing the ideal portable solar panel for your activity.

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Practical Tips to Maximize Autonomy

To maximize your electricity autonomy during hikes and camping trips, it is crucial to manage your energy resources efficiently. The first step is to manage energy effectively. This means turning off your devices when not in use and activating the energy-saving modes available on your electronic devices. For your smartphone, putting it in airplane mode is a good way to save battery. These small actions can significantly extend your battery life.

Next, prioritize charges. Identify essential devices and charge them first. For example, your phone and headlamp are probably more critical than your drone. Also, plan charging times. During periods of maximum sunlight, take advantage of it to recharge your external battery by plugging it into your solar panel. The yield is relatively low. Do not expect to fully recharge a power bank in 2 hours.

Optimizing conditions is also key. Place your solar panels in well-exposed areas, oriented towards the sun, and move them if necessary to follow the sun's path. Additionally, avoid leaving your electronic equipment in direct sunlight to prevent overheating, which can reduce the efficiency of batteries and solar panels.

By following these tips, you'll be able to maximize your electricity autonomy, ensuring a more comfortable and serene hiking and camping experience.

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