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Your best of - Summer 2022 - Lyo, equipment, sports nutrition

This summer, many of you have grabbed your backpack, a tent, a stove, some lyo, and set off to discover new horizons. So we thought we'd take a look at the top products of the last few months, the ones you liked the most, to help you prepare for your next summer adventures!

Freeze-dried meals, like a desire to taste them all !

Of course, there are a number of must-tries, such as the shredded pork and rice from the Norwegian brand Real, as well as the famous Aveyron aligot from MX3 (yes, just because it's summer doesn't mean you shouldn't eat cheese!). But the afficionados of small sweets are not left out: between the chocolate mousse, granola and cherry from Summit To Eat and the apple crumble from Lyo Food, the greediest have something to enjoy...

Your top recipes :

  1. Pulled pork and rice - Real
  2. Macaroni cheese - Summit To Eat
  3. French aligot Mashed potatoes and tomme cheese - MX3
  4. Veggie wok and noodles - Tactical Foodpack
  5. Chocolate mousse with granola and cherry - Summit To Eat
  6. Apple crumble - Lyo Food

For the equipment, here are the essentials

Freeze-dried's are good, but with equipment it's even better to go on an expedition! Between kitchen utensils, sleeping accessories or water filtration solutions, several references were able to satisfy you as they should!
The Pocket Rocket gas stove from MSR combines lightness, versatility and performance, while the 1L bottle from Nalgene is ideal for preparing your freeze-dried food with ease thanks to its graduations. For heavy sleepers, there's also the NeoAir XLite air mattress from Therm A Rest, which is suitable for all body types and will keep you warm, even on a chilly night.

Your top equipment:

  1. Light Titanium pot - 0.55 L - Toaks Outdoor
  2. Gas stove - Pocket Rocket 2 - MSR
  3. TrailShot MicroFilter Water filter - MSR
  4. Wide Mouth Bottle - 1 L - Nalgene
  5. NeoAir XLite Inflatable Sleeping Mat - Therm-A-Rest

Sports nutrition, providing nutrients and energy in all circumstances

You didn't think we would forget this category, did you? Essential before, during and after an effort, energy bars and dried meat are very popular! They are a great way to treat yourself and to regain energy when you feel a bit peckish or tired...

Your top sports nutrition :

  1. Oats and peanut butter - Clif Bar
  2. Beef Jerky - Classic Dried Beef - 50 g - Beef Jerky
  3. Energy Bar - Crunchy Peanut - Chimpanzee
  4. Energy Drink - Peach - Real
  5. Organic Coconut Bar - Rapunzel

In conclusion...

This summer, the watchword was lightness, especially when it came to equipment. As far as freeze-dried recipes are concerned, it is impossible for us to choose our favourite dish, but between cheese lovers, dessert addicts, or even vegetarian recipes, we are happy to see that there is something for everyone. Speaking of gourmands, this has been felt with sports nutrition. And the Lyo team is happy to continue to follow you in all your adventures!