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Tactical Foodpack

Tactical Foodpack is an Estonian brand of products, 100% freeze-dried and naturals. No mix with other dried ingredients. These products have an 8-year shelf life after the product date, it’s quite uncommon with this type of packaging. You just have to add hot water in the pouch and your dish will be ready in less than 10 minutes. Possibility to use cold water doubling the rehydration time.An innovative pouch with Special Force’s contribution that, thanks to its horizontal size, wide bottom and lower sides than the habitual pouch will allow you to taste your dish easier. If you don’t have camping stove next to you but the possibility to do a fire, your freeze-dried food will be reheated by placing the bottom of the pouch in a flame to obtain a hot food.Tactical Foodpack’s recipe will give you a really high in energy, from 365 to 654 Kcal per 100 g when the pouch is not hydrated yet.

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