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Survival: how to manage when the electricity goes out?

Electrical power

Most of the fires and/or storms lead to power outages but power is usually restored within days. However, even a few days without air conditioning or heating, phone service or radio and TV can be a handicap. Several solutions exist to help you be prepared in case of power outages. For small-scale needs, small solar systems and backup hand-operated generators are great to provide power as needed. Not only they can be used for lighting but also for communication purposes because they are on hand every time there is a need to recharge your telephone.

For large-scale needs, large solar systems can be used to feed many appliances in your house temporarily, by relying solely on sun energy. Fuel generators do not depend on the sun, but they require that you store fuel – difficult to establish when disaster strikes. Preserve the freshness of your food by keeping your refrigerator and freezer door closed as much as possible, especially if you rely on them for medication storage besides food. Energy conservation is crucial in emergencies ; the less energy you use, the better, then you can feed essential devices as needed.