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Pasta with vegan bolognese sauce

Reference : TIB-06-01
Spaghetti bolognese by an Italian brand! You dreamed of it for hiking, the Lyo team brings it back from their little tour of Europe. See detailed description
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The Outfood bolognese pasta from Tiberino will please a wide range of people with its composition made from natural ingredients and without meat. A small detail that can make all the difference for Italian cuisine lovers, the pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, just like in Italy! Ideal for getting a good dose of carbohydrates.

A closer look at the manufacturer

Tiberino is an Italian manufacturer that created Outfood, a range of dehydrated meals. In 2007, they designed meals for astronauts! You will find a bit of their expertise in the Outfood range. These products can be stored for two years after production.

How to prepare a Tiberino dehydrated meal?

A dehydrated recipe is prepared with boiling water. The packet is designed to be eaten directly by pouring the specified amount of water mentioned in the instructions (a water line allows you to visualize the amount of water to add and mix well). A zip will limit the loss of heat during rehydration or if the meal falls, your pasta will stay safely in the packet instead of spilling on the floor (although it depends on the height of the fall... don't tempt fate!). Notches will remove the top of the packet to facilitate tasting and allow your spork to reach every corner of the packet.

Key points to remember

The Outfood bolognese pasta is:

  • A vegetarian recipe, 100% natural
  • Made in Italy
  • Pasta made from durum wheat semolina, for true lovers of Italian pasta

Nutritionnal analysis

Composiionper 100gper product
Energy value (Kcal) 410 512
Energy value (kJ) 1732 2165
Lipids (g) 10.4 13
Of which saturated fat (g) 1.9 2.4
Carbohydrates (g) 58.8 73.5
Of which sugars (g) 10.9 13.6
Dietary fibre (g) 6.9 8.6
Proteins (g) 17.5 21.9
Salt (g) 2.3 2.9
Ingredients Purée de pommes de terre (38 %) (pommes de terre, lait ), sauce à la crème (34 %) ( crème , bouillon de boeuf, bouillon de légumes, beurre [ lait ], farine de maïs, moutarde de Dijon [eau, graines de moutarde , vinaigre d'alcool, sel]), sauce soja [eau potable, graines de soja [24 %] [ soja ], sucre, sel, farine de blé ]), boulettes de viande (24 %) (boeuf haché, porc haché, oignon, oeuf , persil, aneth, ciboulette, livèche, sel , piment de la Jamaïque, poivre cardamome), canneberges (4 %).
Advice Garder au sec et dans l´obscurité à une température n´excédant pas +30°C. Une fois ouvert, conserver le produit au réfrigérateur et le consommer sous 48 heures.
Shelf life (from manufacturing date) 5 ans
Preparation time 8-10 minutes
Manufacturing method Cuisiné et lyophilisé
Weight excluding packaging (g) 250
Weight including packaging (g) 153
Volume of water to add (ml) 250
Rehydrated weight (g) 375
Number of serves 1
Allergens Lait, crème, graines de moutarde, soja, farine de blé, oeuf.
How to prepare
  • 1. Déchirer le haut du sachet et ajouter l´eau chaude.
  • 2. Remuer.
  • 3. Fermer le sachet et attendre 8,10 minutes.
  • 4. Bon appétit !
Packaging Sous-vide, ligne d´eau, fermeture zip
Manufacturing origin République tchèque