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Partnership with ´Secouristes sans Frontières´

At the end of January 2022, the founder and president of the humanitarian association Secouristes Sans Frontières, Arnaud Fraisse, came to visit us at our premises in Lorient. It was an opportunity for us to give him a cheque for the association’s endowment fund, and to take the opportunity to have a chat with him so that he could tell us more about the association, its missions and its collaboration with Lyophilise & Co.

1. Who are Secouristes Sans Frontières ?

Founded in 1978, Secouristes Sans Frontières is a voluntary humanitarian association that comes to the aid of populations hit by various natural disasters, and specialises in the search for people during earthquakes.
There is also an endowment fund for Secouristes Sans Frontières, which collects donations to finance future missions. The NGO also takes the opportunity to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in certain countries, including Lebanon and Tunisia in particular.

Secouristes Sans Frontières and Lyophilise & Co have been in partnership for a few years now. The idea came from SSF, who needed to design bags for emergency situations in order to be able to wait out 72 hours during a disaster situation. Created in 2019, then updated in 2021, these evacuation bags allow you to wait for help without being short of food and equipment, which is why different bags are available on the Lyophilise & Co website. They are also intended to meet the needs of a person or family in the event of a crisis. These waterproof and dustproof backpacks can be kept at home, and contain a first aid kit, water and food, lights, as well as something to shelter under.

2. The delivery of the check to SSF from Lyophilise & Co

For each bag sold, Lyophilise & Co pays a 10% commission to the SSF Endowment Fund, allowing them to build up a stock of equipment and an emergency fund to help rescue teams when catastrophic events occur. During 2021, sales of these bags brought in just over €1,500 for the NGO.

Sébastien Coché, Arnaud Fraisse and Ariane Pehrson during the presentation of the cheque for the association.

3. Donations of hydroalcoholic gels offered

Having received a large gift of gels from a French company, the association has decided to donate them to charities in need, for popular relief, as well as to the various companies with which they are in collaboration, including Lyophilise & Co. This is why, during his visit to our premises on 28 January 2022, the president of the NGO took the opportunity to donate just over 2,500 hydroalcoholic gels. This is why, while stocks last, all those who place an order on Lyophilise & Co will receive a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel in addition to their purchases.

At Lyophilise & Co, it is important to support those in need. It is therefore a joy for the Lyo team to be in collaboration with Secouristes Sans Frontières and to be able to help as much as possible on our (small) scale... This is why we will continue to offer and update our evacuation bags! Thanks again to Arnaud Fraisse for his visit and his trust!