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20 Christmas gift ideas for bushcraft or survival

Before giving you gift ideas for Christmas, we thought it was important to take a look at these two often confused yet different activities. On the one hand, there is the bushcraft which consists of living in the forest. On the other, there is survival which aims, as its name suggests, to survive in a natural environment. Not to be confused with survivalism, where the question of autonomy is essential.

Bushcraft is therefore different from survival, contrary to what many people who are not followers of the discipline may think. But they also have similarities and, in particular, the fact of having to get by in the middle of nature. While purists love to not bring any accessories, many practitioners prefer to have a short list of essential equipment.

In this list of gifts, you will find equipment that can be used for both activities, including tools, kitchen accessories, or something for hydration. If you didn’t know what to get your bushcraft-loving daughter or brother, you’ll have plenty of ideas after reading this list.

Choose based on your budget:

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Christmas Gifts Under €20

Here is a list of 9 cheap bushcraft Christmas gifts. Of course, a cheap accessory does not necessarily mean poor quality, on the contrary, quite the opposite. The Lyophilise & Co team carefully selects the bushcraft equipment that it offers to its customers. Why wait? Discover 6 Christmas gift ideas for less than €20 now.

The Light My Fire brand originates from Sweden, a land envied by all bushcraft fans with its immense forests and perilous winters during which fire is essential. With this firestarter (and its built-in whistle), creating a spark is super easy. Completely waterproof, it is a more reliable and durable solution than a lighter.

Price: €9.58

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Another accessory well known to bushcraft and survival enthusiasts. A knife is essential for cooking or building a base camp. The Mora brand stands for its sturdy and durable knives.

Price: €11.58

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If the goal of bushcraft is to reconnect with nature, it is nonetheless important to maintain a certain level of hygiene. So to eat, why not offer this spork (a portmanteau of spoon and fork), which is both spoon and fork? Foldable and made of titanium, it weighs 18 g and won’t clutter up your backpack. It can even fit into a pocket without a problem..

Price: €11.25

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The kitchen has its place in bushcraft. The spit attaches to the end of a stick and allows you to cook food without burning yourself. Sold in sets of two, this will allow you to enjoy a convivial meal around a campfire with the person of your choice. 

Price: €16.25

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If you don’t like making a fire in the middle of the forest due to the all too well-known risks, you can opt for this Esbit alcohol burner. A little methylated spirits (solid or liquid) and you get a flame that allows you to boil water or heat a dish. Perfect for preparing your freeze-dried meals!

Price: €12.92

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‘Survival’ gifts under 50 euros

For under  50 euros, it is possible to obtain material of excellent quality that will follow lovers of bushcraft and survival for years. From the stove to the isothermal flask, these gift ideas are durable and will accompany you and your loved ones for years, during all your outdoor adventures!

Do you know about the ‘Leave No Trace’ programme? The LNT association teaches people how to reduce their impact during their outdoor activities. As the name suggests, the goal is to leave no trace of your passage. This small wood stove is the perfect answer since it allows you to build a campfire without leaving any ash, or destroying the surrounding ecosystem. 

Price: €32.50

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The Gomboy bottle from the Japanese brand Silky is neither too small nor too big with its 21 cm blade. Multi-functional, it will be just as useful for cutting 10.5 cm wood to light a campfire or to build a shelter.

Price: €41.58

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The Toaks brand goes beyond the borders of bushcraft and is renowned in the outdoor environment in general. These cooking pots are ultra-light and resistant. This kit includes a saucepan and a frying pan that fits over the pot to gain space. Perfect for cooking in the middle of the forest without taking up too much space!

Price: €41.58

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The creators of this Swiss Army Knife shows us the extent of their know-how with a knife that is both elegant, robust and versatile. With over 17 tools combined, it will come in handy in many situations. Equipped with a bottle opener, it allows you to have a drink even during your outings in the woods!

Price: €37.50

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A campfire does not always provide enough illumination. Especially since it is not eternal. With this headlamp, the night is not an obstacle. In full power mode, it allows you to see up to 90 m. Of course, the lighting can be adjusted if you want to be more discreet or save energy. The lamp is available in black.

Price: €33.33

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One of the basic principles of bushcraft is to build your own base camp. This therefore requires sending tools to cut the wood. This pocket saw is light in weight, space-saving and saws extremely well, despite its humble appearance. This gift is an ideal accessory to make life easier for your loved one during their outings in the forest.

Price: €41.58

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We couldn’t offer just the one knife in this selection. It is the basic accessory for the survivalist or bushcraft enthusiast. So for Christmas, what better than to offer them this knife kit made by the French brand Opinel? The set consists of a peeler, two knives, including one with a corkscrew, and a breadboard. If your loved one likes to cook, then this outdoor kit is ideal!

Price: €49,17

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Bushcraft gifts under €100

These gifts under €100 will accompany bushcraft enthusiasts for more than 10 years! A robustness and a durability which put into perspective on a price that might at first appear a little off-putting to some. And yes, quality pays off! But few are those who regret their choice afterwards.

While some prefer to build their camp themselves, others have different priorities. So, for sleep, the choice available to them is the following: under the stars, in a tent or in a hammock. The latter is an original idea for a Christmas gift. Contrary to popular belief, it gives you better rest and recovery than a night in a tent. This model is available in many colours.

Price: €58.29

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As the name suggests, this mattress is ideal for camps. The Camp Mat S.I. is a self-inflating mattress that requires no (or very little) puffs to inflate. With an R-Value of 4.2 (thermal insulation index), it allows you to sleep outside almost all year round. Excellent value for money. This mattress can also be used for long hikes or camping.

Price: €57.50

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What about hydration in the middle of the forest? It is impossible to transport litres and litres of water. You have to do with what is there. So, to make sure no risks are being taken with river water, offer this bottle from Grayl. Its special feature is filtering water by eliminating bacteria, protozoa and viruses. A rare combination!

Price: €82.50

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Here is another accessory, much appreciated by the bushcraft community: the tarp. If you do not know this word, it is neither more nor less than a tarpaulin. Thanks to its ropes, it can be used both as a shelter (against rain, snow, wind, etc.) or even as a ground sheet. A versatile, robust and fully waterproof accessory!

Price: €86.67

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Unforgettable Christmas gifts

If you are looking for a common gift idea for your brother, uncle or spouse, then this section is perfect. The material presented below is the cream of the crop. This list is not exhaustive and you can find more gift ideas by browsing our site.

The Ultimate Base Camp Kit from the famous Kelly Kettle brand contains everything you need to cook when on a hike: kettle-stove, pan support, saucepan support, saucepan, 2 cups, 2 plates, a grill and a storage bag. Everything fits together to save space. This kit is a must for any outdoor adventure enthusiast, from bushcraft to fishing to self-sufficiency.

Price: €111.67

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This escape bag contains everything you need to escape an area quickly. But it also offers the necessary equipment for bushcraft: knife, headlamp, first aid kit, survival blanket, and water filter. In short, by offering them this bag, your loved one will be ready to go to the forest the very next minute. As a bonus, water and food rations are also provided. To see the complete list of accessories, we invite you to click on ‘Find out more’.

Price: €139,00

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The Rolls Royce of water filters! You have no choice but to filter muddy and contaminated water? No problem, the MSR Guardian water filter will make it clear and safe to drink. It is the perfect filter for bushcraft, survival but also hiking or traveling in areas where access to drinking water is difficult. A versatile accessory!

Price: €283.33

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You no longer have any excuses – the perfect gift is here!

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