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Ready-made meals | With Meat

Our chiefs have stewed meals inspired by French traditional cuisine and also by flavors of the word.

Complete ready-made meals with lamb, pork, beef and veal are all with starchy food or vegetables.

USEFUL: Easy to heat, you just have to prepare your meal in a bain-marie or pour the contents into a microwave-safe dish or directly in your pan.

LONG PRESERVATION: the sterilization (preservation method with heat-sterilizing) preserves the taste of food and guarantee a shelf life for meals between 1 to 3 years. Tasting one of these recipes is the guarantee to eat right and good without additives or preservatives.

To complete this range of complete ready-made meals with meat, find also recipes with fish or poutry, vegetarian recipes cooked by our chiefs, meats in sauce (without side dish), side dish recipes, breakfasts and desserts.

Student, Sportsman? Do you like our recipes? And did you know that Lyophilise & Co gives you a crowdfunding tool to help you to create your participatory basket? The aim is simple: create a list of your wishes and raise the fund by your close relations, sponsors (see "Participatory basket").

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