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Vegetarian 7-day pack - Ultra-trail - 2700 kcal/day

Reference : LY-11-164

This vegetarian pack contains breakfasts, energy bars and drinks to consume during exercise, snacks to enjoy after exercise and vegetarian meals, freeze-dried desserts for dinner. You can modify the pack or add products, just contact us.

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Each day is packaged in a zip bag.

Total net weight (raw food without the bag): 4.51 kg

Total calories: 18,858 kcal or 2,700 kcal per day (average).

Click here to view or print the detail of the pack in PDF format.

Each pack provides between 2000 and 3500 kcal, depending on the stage, to which you should add various gels or snacks if you wish. You can also modify the pack as you wish by contacting us.

In this pack, the products chosen have the best weight / calorie ratio.

The foods chosen are little or not spicy so as not to irritate the stomach and intestines already under strain. Too much spice can cause oesophageal burns, gas or even diarrhoea, that could mar your race.

This is with the exception of lunch and dinner on the rest day, where there is a little in order to vary things a little and bring exoticism to the menu without risking compromising your race performance.

Breakfast: Based on muesli to provide energy and fibre. Easy to digest and prepare, in addition to a stewed fruit.

During the race: Energy Bars and Energy Drinks. The drink must be hypotonic under high heat. The preparation should be very diluted, up to 50% more water compared to the dilution advice for an isotonic drink. Once prepared, the drink should be consumed in mouthfuls, i.e. approximately 10 cl, every 10-15 minutes. For better assimilation, only alternate this with a can of water.

End of the race: Recovery drink to take within 30 minutes of your stage finish. Tabbouleh, easy to prepare cold, highly digestible, and beef jerky promoting muscle recovery and rich in salts to counterbalance the losses associated with perspiration.

The evening: A hot and substantial meal because the nights are cool (below 10°C) and a dessert to supplement the energy intake.

Please note, the weight of the pack is in net weight and not in gross weight. That is to say that it is the weight of the food that is indicated and not the food and the bag with which the product is packed.

Nutritionnal analysis

Composiionper 100gper product
Energy value (Kcal) 419 18858
Energy value (kJ) 1752 78941
Lipids (g) 11.8 532
Carbohydrates (g) 62 2792
Proteins (g) 13.2 593
Weight excluding packaging (g) 4510
Weight including packaging (g) 5000