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Equipment - To Cook

If you want to Eat and Cook when practicing any Outdoor activities, while hiking, when you are on an expedition trip, or for daily use, you need to have high-quality Cooking gear and accessories. We have selected a wide range of compact lightweight Pots, Pans, Kettles and Fry Pans to help you cook while being on solo trips or in groups. This way you'll be able to prepare freeze-dried or sterilized meals, or even cook in the wild. Cooking and healthy eating are priorities to keep your morale high in difficult situations. Don't forget either to select some lightweight but solid Cutlery sets, Plates & Utensils to make your eating and seasoning experience a breeze on your next adventure trip. We provide all-in-one multi-purpose cutlery sets (spoon, fork and knife) or separate cutlery sets made of plastic, titanium or polycarbonate. Isothermal Food-grade Boxes will keep your hot meal hot or cold salad cold whether on a daily basis, during your one-day outdoor activities or aboard your boat. These insulated food containers with brand names such as Thermos, Stanley, or Iris keep your meals hot for hours. Lunchboxes are a must-have when eating on the go, they are compact and lightweight for easy transport of your food during outdoor activities or for daily use.

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