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Ready-made Meals

Looking for healthy work lunch ideas on site ? Often there is no time in the evening to prepare your next-day lunch. Browse our offer of appertized (pouch-packaged sterilized) meals that simply need to be reheated (but you can choose to eat some cold salads too). These recipes contain no additives and no preservatives, they are cooked and prepared by our chefs and caterers in France. Discover our traditional or worldwide-inspired recipes : blanquette of salmon with potatoes, chili con carne, cassoulet with duck confit, sweet-and-sour pork stir fry.
Reheat your meal by using a frying pan or above a hot water bath and place your meal inside an insulated lunchbox to keep your meal hot up to five hours. Or at lunch break, place the contents directly onto a self-heating lunchbox or in a dish suitable for microwaving. Enjoy !

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