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Professional solutions

Agri-food - Artisanal manufacturing


Biscuit factory, chocolate factory, catering, bakery


Freeze-dried fruit, vegetable and plant powders (organic or non-organic) are available in packaging size of 50 g on our website or in packaging size of 500 g upon request. If you need larger quantities, and depending on the product, we can also provide you with well-suited packaging (in 5kg bags minimum).

More information about the fruit powders we provide:

  • Lyo Powders are made of 100% fruits, vegetables or plants and they are pouch-packaged. « 100% » means that the product is entirely organic farm produced.
  • Lyo Powders can safely be used : they are free from any industrial chemicals and extra sugar, all ingredients are natural products.
  • The freeze-drying process preserves as much as possible the vitamins and minerals naturally found in fruits.
  • BBE of Lyopowders : 2 years after manufacture
  • They come in a convenient pouch containing portions of 50 g of powder ; that is, between 325 g and 550 g of post-harvest vegetables, fruits or plants.
  • Fruits bio : strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries,acerola, coconut water and aronia.
  • Légumes bio : spinach, nettle, beetroots and kale
  • Plantes bio : nettele, barley grass

How to use in your job

  • 100% natural food coloring (application in pastry and chocolate making in particular), natural flavor
  • Without doubt a lot of possibilities, give free rein to your creativity!

Good to know: individuals can use them in their shake and vitamin drink, to flavor yogurt, soup, gratin, to prepare porridges in the morning ... Here are some examples of recipes.


Order samples and request for professional rates


If you are looking for specific ingredients (fruits, vegetables, plants, cheeses), please feel free to send us your inquiries, our team will do its best to find the product from different manufacturers.

If you want business prices, please contact us at this address team@lyophilise.com or by phone at +33.(0) and tell us the powders and sizes you are interested in. Please forward a copy of your company’s K-Bis in order to get business pricing applied to your order. Certificates and technical sheets for every product are available upon request.

Samples will be at your expense ; however, after receiving your first order, the cost of the samples will be deducted from the invoice total.