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Equipment - Outdoor and Survival

To be equipped with quality, lightweight and compact equipment during your outdoor activities is essential whether it is when hiking, trekking, running, cycling, in case of an emergency or survival situation… Equipment in this category will allow you to eat well, to stay hydrated, to be safe comfortably anytime anywhere.

Indeed to eat well you can find in our Stoves range, all our backpacking stoves for hiking, camping, sailing or other activity. These stoves work with gas, liquid fuel, wood or even alcohol. With stoves, you will find also accessories, gas canisters and fuel, spare parts. To prepare your meal, you can also be equipped with self-heating equipment with systems and refills to heat without fire and gas. You just need a little amount of water to operate everything.

To cook and/or eat, you have also kitchen tools like cooking pots, pan or kettle, cutlery and utensils, insulated food boxes or lunch boxes.

To stay hydrated wherever you are in the world or whatever the activity you’re doing is essential. We have put together all water filtration systems to make clean and safe water with pumping or gravity water filter, straws and flasks, tabs or chemical liquids like Micropur. Some accessories to take a shower for instance and spare parts to extend shelf life of water filters are available.

To carry water and/or drink it when hiking, trekking, sailing or even driving for instance, we put together all mugs and bowls, flasks, insulated bottles, jerry can and bags.

In case of emergency situation for your survival and safety, you can choose between our survival kits, our first aid kits and accessories, our fire starters, our accessories to signal your position.

The Ergolife Chair allows to be comfortably seated at the beach, during a festival, in a park, during a picnic without any backache.

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