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LifeStraw Go 2 water filter bottle - Activated carbon filter - 0,65L

Reference : NI-10-144-00

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LifeStraw Go 2 is a water bottle with an integrated water filter, with a capacity of 650 ml. It allows you to filter water during your expedition, whether hiking, kayaking, fishing or even in an emergency.

Its low weight (167 g) and the snap hook supplied with it make it an accessory perfectly suited to the practice of an outdoor activity. Like its little sister the LifeStraw Go, this bottle has a membrane that eliminates all bacteria and protozoa. Its lifespan is 4000 litres. The difference is that the LifeStraw Go 2 has an activated carbon capsule which helps reduce chlorine content, eliminate odours and improve taste. The service life of activated carbon (which is replaceable) is 100 litres.

The LifeStraw Go 2 filter bottle:

- Water that meets the drinking water standards of the EPA in the United States

- No need for electricity or batteries, water is drunk by sucking through the spout

- A flow rate of 1.2 L per minute

Active Agents Contre 99,9999% des bactéries, 99,99% des protozoaires. Réduit le chlore, agents chimiques, le mauvais goût et les mauvaises odeurs grâce à la capsule de charbon actif.
Additional information
  • - Taille des pores du filtre : 0,2 microns
  • - Filtres remplaçables
  • - Résiste au lave-vaisselle (une fois le filtre retiré)
Autonomy 4000 litres et 3 mois d´utilisation minimum pour la capsule de charbon actif (environ 100 L)
Container (ml) 650 ml
Flow 1,2 litre/min
Included accessories Mousqueton inclus
Materials Plastique alimentaire sans BPA
Size in cm (L x W x H) 8 x 8 x 23,5
Technology Microfiltration par fibres creuses associé à un filtre à charbon
Weight (g) 221