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Jetboil Stash gas stove and 0.8L cup

Reference : JET-10-02

The Jetboil Stash gas stove is 45% lighter than the Jetboil Flash while being just as powerful! Supplied with lid, cooker and tripod for gas cartridge.

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The Jetboil Stash is an ultra light kitchen kit including a gas stove (titanium burner + serrated pan support), a 0.8 L anodised aluminum pan, a lid serving as a colander with a pouring spout, a tripod for the gas cartridge (not supplied) and a storage cover for the burner. This whole kit weighs only 200 grams! A real feat achieved by Jetboil which has reduced the weight of its stove kits by 40% without compromising on quality.

This perfectly complete kit is perfect for those looking for an optimisation of the weight and the space in their backpack . Indeed, in addition to being ultra-light, the Jetboil Stash gas stove and the tripod fit into the pan. You can also fit a 100 g gas cartridge in with the cover. Once it's closed, the pot handle retracts onto the lid to prevent the entire kit from spilling into your bag.

Regarding its performance, the Jetboil Stash stove can boil 0.5 L of water in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This is made possible by FluxRing technology. Fans of Jetboil products will already be familiar with this since it is the same one that has been used on the American brand's stoves for years. FluxRing helps to distribute heat better. So in addition to getting a boil faster, you will also use less fuel. Saves time and money.

For those who prefer a more refined cuisine, you can adjust the power of the gas. This is particularly preferable when you want to simmer vegetables. Speaking of gas, all you have to do is open the gas cartridge with the valve provided for this purpose and create a flame with a fire starter, a lighter or even matches. It's as easy as it is fast. The versatility of this kit means that you can opt for a larger (or smaller) pan if the one that comes with it doesn't suit you. The pan support is universal and serrated for better stability of your cookware.

With the Jetboil Stash gas stove, you can cook anywhere, even in steep places. The tripod stabilises your gas cartridge. It is of course adjustable so that you can cook with gas cartridges of all sizes. Finally, the Jetboil Stash stove is compatible with all gas cartridges meeting the EN417 standard. This therefore includes the JetPower cartridges from Jetboil, but also IsoPro from MSR or even those from Optimus.

The Jetboil Stash stove with 0.8 L cup:

- The lightest stove kit available

- Minimum dimensions: approximately 12 cm high and wide when everything is stored

- An adjustable power of 1.2 kW allowing rapid cooking or low heat.

Note: the gas cartridge is not supplied.

Boiling time 2 mins 30 secs per 0.5L
Container (ml) 0.8L
Fuel Gas cartridge with threaded valve for screw system stove, standard EN 417.
Included accessories - Tripod for gas cartridge
- Storage bag for burner
- Universal serrated support for saucepan
- Titanium burner
- 0.8L saucepan
- Colander lid with spout
Size in cm (L x W x H) 11.2 x 13 x 13cm
Technology Flux Ring Optimiser (heat distributor), quickly heats the surface by distributing heat more evenly.
Autonomy Possibility of boiling 12 litres of water with a 100g cartridge (about 60 minutes)
Materials - Titanium burner - Anodised aluminium cooker
Weight (g) 200
Additional information - Power: 1.32kW - Burner adjustment - Manual ignition - Compatible with all Jetboil accessories - Graduated saucepan - 100g gas cartridge fits into the pan