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Gas canisters & Fuel

Browse our full range of gas cartridges and fuel for backpacking gas and alcohol stoves. Our international EN147 threaded gas cartridges are available worldwide. All screw on and off easily and quickly to burner or stove connector. There is no risk of gas leaking.Our brands for gas cartridges :JetPower, isobutane and propaneOptimus, butane and PropaneThe difference between the two is that cartridges containing isobutane can be used in all seasons, they are efficient under 0° C. However, your stove can be optimized to deliver better performance in cold weather by associating the cartridge to a 2-in-1 stove, that is, pot combined with burner. Feel free to consult our dedicated article "How to choose a gas cartridge ?". FireDragon solid fuel is also available and great for use in all weather conditions along with fire starters with 80% resin content, easy to light, even when wet.

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