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Dried & freeze dried fruits

<p>Check out all dried and freeze-dried fruits available in this range.</p><p>With pouch-pack fruits from LyoFood, you can bite into the fruits straight from the pouch, no need for rehydration, and they are made with 100% natural ingredients. Can also be used as a fruit salad, just add some water, or can go well with your cocktails, just add some pieces of freeze-dried fruits. Awsome! For small cravings, they are ideal to carry when walking, travelling, or at work, because pouches do not exceed 50 g in weight.</p><p>The fruits from Rapunzel are organic dried fruits. They come in various bag sizes and include mango, apple, banana, but also almonds or even walnut kernels. They are perfect for between-meal snacks during the day, and they are ideal during your outings or even in the office as an on-going source of energy.</p>

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