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What is a freeze dry food ?

What is the difference between a freeze dried dish and a dehydrated one ?

What are the characteristics of long conservation dishes (10 up to 25 years) ?

What is a ready-made meal ?

What is a self-heating meal ?

Do you have meals compatible with specific diet ?

Can you develop special recipes ?

Yes! Our flexibility allowed us to study all requests of new special recipes. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Preparation Advices

How can I prepare a ready-to-eat meal ?

How can I prepare a freeze dried meal ?

How can I prepare a Self-heating meal?

How can I choose a dish according to my activity?

Origin, conservation & Property

Where are your products from ?

How long can your products be conserved ?

How are your products packed ?

What are the energy intake and the compositions of your products ?

I’m planning an activity for which I'll need to be food self-sufficient; can you provide me with a supply list according to my needs ?

What does justify the price difference between one product and another ?


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What does “My menus of the week” mean ?

How does the basket configurator work ?

What does “My participatory basket” mean ?

What does “My nutritional needs” mean ?

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Customer Services

When does your shop open ?

How to contact us ?

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How to create a user account ?

What can I do if I forget my username or password ?

Is the confidentiality of my personal data guaranteed ?

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How can I place an order ?

How can I know if an item is available or not ?

How can I see the details of my order and follow it ?

How can I modify or cancel an order ?

How long have I disposed to return my order ?

What can I do if my order is damaged ?

Generate a Quotation

Why do I need to generate a quotation ?

How do I generate a quotation ?

How can I pay my quotation ?


Which are the different means of payment ?

How do you insure the confidentiality of my banking data ?

When and how do I receive my Invoice ?