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Bug out bag - 1 person - Comfort

Reference : LY-11-194

The complete bag for emergency situations for one person was prepared in partnership with the teams of Secouristes sans Frontières (SSF). The objective of this survival bag is to help overcome a natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, floods, and more). For each bag sold we will donate to the SSF Endowment Fund. These donations will help them build up a stock of equipment and an emergency fund to be able to transport its teams around the world as soon as a natural disaster strikes.

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Delivery of the folded and empty bag and each item in its original packaging.

This pack contains, first of all, 1 backpack with a capacity of 55 litres from the Mil-Tec brand for an adult.

In these containers, we have chosen equipment and food, according to certain modules classified as follows, essential in an emergency situation in the event of a natural disaster:

- First aid module: Pharamvoyage first aid kit equipped with a handle and a two-way zip: 1 x Pair of vinyl gloves, 1 x Tweezers, 1 x Scissors, 18 x Small and medium plasters, 1 x Pad (7.5 x 7.5 cm), 1 x Alcohol wipes, 1 x Eye pad , 1 x Non-woven pad (5 x 5 cm), 1 x Gauze band (8 cm x 4 m), 1 x Adhesive tape (1.25 cm x 5 m), 1 x Survival blanket

- Fire module: Storm matches

- Food module: 6 freeze-dried dishes and 1 NRG-5 or approximately 2000 kcal per day with a shelf-life of 7 years after date of manufacture. These are freeze-dried dishes to be rehydrated directly in the bag. NRG-5 is a ration composed of 9 food bars (total of 500 g). The bars are packed in a vacuum-proof, waterproof and robust aluminium bag. This corresponds to a day of food, by rationing yourself, it can be consumed within two days. It is a contribution of 2300 kcal in total with a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. NRG-5 is a balanced ration, composed of nutrients necessary to restore and maintain the essential functions of the human body. Spork and bowl to eat your freeze-dried dishes.

- Cooking set module: To help heat your water for freeze-dried dishes, we offer a Vargo stainless steel wood burner and a 0.71 litre cup / saucepan. To light your fire quickly, in the pack you will find Tinder Sticks, pieces of wood loaded with resin.

- Water module: 3 litres to consume over 3 days or 1 L per day. This drinking water is packaged in sachet and can be kept for 5 years after the date of manufacture.
The Sawyer brand Micro Squeeze water filter can make up to 375,000 litres of potable water. The filter traps bacteria and protozoa thanks to its hollow fibre membrane filtration system. In addition. it is ultra-light, the water filter straw only weighing 52 g. This Sawyer filter comes with its 1 L water bag.

A 1 litre Nalgene BPA-free wide-mouth bottle (with measuring lines every 100 ml for freeze-dried dishes). You can store small products inside.

- Light module: 1 e+LITE® headlamp from PETZL, designed for emergency bivouacs, adaptable to an adult or a child. It can be stored for 10 years with its two batteries (lithium CR 2032).

- Communication module: 1 emergency whistle attached to the cord of the Petzl headlamp. 1 multi-use FM radio which offers 5 functions to be kept informed of the evolution of a disaster and advice given by the authorities with 0.5W LED torch to locate you at night, rechargeable battery that can be used to recharge another device (mobile phone), AAA battery or mobile phone charger with its USB socket, useful warning siren to help you find the emergency services.

- Shelter module: SOL brand emergency bivouac lightweight sleeping bag (same material as a survival blanket), fully closed rather than a simple survival blanket that would let in drafts. 1 Grabber blanket that can be used as an emergency blanket, a ground sheet but also a tarp blanket, providing shelter thanks to the metal eyelets in the corners. You just need to add a rope to the backpack to use it as a shelter.

- Hygiene module: 12 thick and very soft washing wipes for a wash without rinsing. At neutral pH, they are gentle to the skin and are compostable after use. They contain aloe vera and vitamin E. All you have to do is add a toothbrush with a little toothpaste.

- Personal Belongings Unit: Waterproof bags from Loksak to keep your papers (ID card, licence, prescriptions, etc.) and personal effects safe from water and other elements. A detailed list of papers to keep and clothes to have will be provided in the pack.

- Tool Unit: 1 Morakniv Companion knife: very well known in the bushcraft world for its unbeatable value for money. Its orange colour is not a mere whim. It will prevent you from losing it when you put it down in the forest. This precious companion comes with a polymer case, which hangs on the belt. So you will always have your Mora Companion knife to hand.

Advice - Bag Dimensions: 35 x 18 x 54cm
- 55 litre bag: 1,700g/Total: 7,200g
- Bag: 100% Polyester, covered with Polyvinyl Chloride, water repellent

Backpack Details:

- large main compartment with brake cord and pocket
- 3 fixed exterior pockets
- mesh pocket on the outside
- bottom compartment with zip
- Aluminium frame
- shoulder and belly belt reinforcement
- belt strap with 2 pockets with zip
- chest belt
- lid compartment with zip
- lid compartment with rain-cover
- handle
- luggage strap in the bottom