Katadyn Group

KATADYN: Numerous international relief organisations and special army units use these products.
The Swiss company Katadyn is the world's number one for individual water purification systems and products. For over 80 years, Katadyn has been developing water filters, chlorine and silver-based sterilising agents, and mobile desalinators for various applications. International relief organisations and special units use their products and freeze-dried foods for survival and lifesaving.
EMERGENCY FOOD from Katadyn meets demands with adapted food rations sold by single unit (large capacity can) or by ready pack. The packs provide food for a period of 30 days to 365 days (depending on pack chosen) with a minimum shelf-life of 10 years. They are composed of varied dishes for breakfast (muesli, bread, milk, butter powder, etc.), meat-based meals (chicken curry, chili con carne, etc.) and meat-free dishes (pasta in tomato sauce, mashed potato, omelette, soups, etc.) and even cans of spelt or whole wheat for breadmaking.
You can also compose your own pack and find out if it meets your needs thanks to the nutritional summary available in your basket, and we can make up customised packs for you to order at your request. Team@lyophilise.fr