Jimini’s is a French brand that produce insects “ready to eat” and high energy content bars, 100% natural with insects. They are raised in Europe and prepared in France. These insects are fed with vegetal flour and without GMOs, down by cold and dehydrated by freeze-drying in order to keep nutrients. The bars or insects are without additives or preservatives whose 81% of the components are stemmed from organic farming.

In the bars with vegetal flour cricket-based or insects “ready to eat”, you will keep all their benefits: rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. The cricket flour contains all the essential amino acids, omega 3, minerals and vitamin B12.

Insects reduce the environmental impact of our diet because they consume fewer resources (space, water, food).

We offer you different recipes. Insects to crunch with dried tomatoes and pepper, salted butter caramel… Energetics bars with banana, dark chocolate and cricket, but also apple, cinnamon, caramel and cricket…