Petzl Iko Core headlampPetzl Iko Core headlamp
  • Petzl Iko Core headlamp
  • Petzl Iko Core headlamp
  • Petzl Iko Core headlamp
  • Petzl Iko Core headlamp
  • Petzl Iko Core headlamp
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Petzl Iko Core headlamp

Ref : PE-10-12
If you avoid standard headlamps because of their headbands, try the Petzl IKO CORE headlamp. It features an AIRFIT (Petzl patent) headband that is so comfortable that it becomes imperceptible. Beyond the headband, the IKO CORE headlamp is very powerful (500 lumens) and very lightweight (79 g). Ideal for expedition trips (climbing, trail running, etc.).
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For your expedition to be successful, every detail matters, including having a quality headlamp. The Petzl IKO Core headlamp has the positive points of a good headlamp: comfortable and powerful.

A powerful headlamp

First of all, the IKO Core offers an output of 500 lumens. Lumens are a measure of the amount of visible light from a lamp. In other words, the higher the lumens, the then the lamp will shine. With 500 lumens, you will be able to see up to 100 metres, with a life of 2 hours 30 minutes. Obviously, the lighting level is adjustable. There are 3: the one presented previously (distant vision), the standard level for movement (visible up to 45 m for 9 hours) and the proximity vision level (to see up to 10 m with a life span of 100 hours).

The IKO Core headlamp is made up of multiple LEDs, providing a homogeneous distribution of lighting and better visual comfort. It also offers 2 types of beams: wide or mixed.

Regarding its recharging, it works with batteries (350 lumens max) or battery. The CORE battery rechargeable via a micro USB socket is supplied with.

A comfortable headlamp

Besides the power of a headlamp, comfort is also very important. Generally, headbands can tighten or even become itchy due to sweat or rain. Petzl has filed a patent for its ultra-thin AIRFIT headband. A comfortable headband, so much so that you will forget you have a headlamp on your head. In addition, it does not absorb moisture (whether sweat or rain). It is also easy and simple to adjust by pressing on the back.

The versatility of the IKO Core allows it to be worn around the neck. You can even turn it into a lantern by storing it in its pouch. Its ultra-light weight will not weigh down your bag ... or your head!

The Petzl IKO Core headlamp is also:

- A light indicator allowing to consult the remaining energy
- Two LOCK functions to prevent inadvertent switching on
- Reflective elements on the back of the lamp to be visible at night
Weight (g) 79
Additional information - Bandeau breveté AirFit : Répartition du poids, hydrophobe (n'absorbant ni la transpiration, ni la pluie) avec un ajustement simple et rapide à l'arrière
- Deux types de faisceaux (large ou mixte) avec multiple leds offrant une répartition de l'éclairage homogène
- Plusieurs niveaux d’éclairage blanc : vision de proximité ou lointaine et déplacements rapides
- Construction HYBRID CONCEPT : livrée avec la batterie rechargeable CORE, ACTIK CORE est aussi compatible avec trois piles AAA
- S'adapte à la source d'énergie, 500 lumens avec la batterie Core et 350 lumens avec les piles
- Peut se porter autour du cou, peut se fixer à un piquet de tente à un arbre...
- Fonction LOCK pour éviter les allumages intempestifs lors du transport/stockage
- Résistant aux intempéries (IPX4)
- Se plie et se range aisément dans sa pochette de rangement, livrée avec, pouvant servir de lanterne
- Éléments réfléchissants à l'arrière pour être vu de nuit
- Compatible avec tous les casques Petzl
Guarantee 5 ans
Battery Batterie rechargeable CORE 1250 mAh (fournie avec) ou 3 piles AAA/LR03 (non fournies) / Compatibilité piles: alcalines, lithium ou rechargeables Ni-MH
Lifespan of battery Temps de décharge (mode max, 500 Lumens) : 2 h / Temps de décharge (mode med, 100 Lumens) : 9 h / Temps de décharge (mode mini, 6 Lumens) : 100 h
Light 500 Lumens, distance de la lumière 100 m / 100 Lumens, distance de la lumière 45 m / 6 Lumens, distance de la lumière 10 m
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