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Subtly Cinnamon Breakfast - 500 KcalSubtly Cinnamon Breakfast - 500 Kcal
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Subtly Cinnamon Breakfast - 500 Kcal

Ref : TM-01-04
This small 117g bag of dehydrated breakfast can fit into your pocket or backpack with ease. Preparation consists in pouring the contents into a vessel and then adding hot water. This is ideal to start your day of hiking, or even during the day to relieve any pang of hunger.
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The Cinnamon-flavored Breakfast as developed by the British brand ´TentMeals´ is suitable for vegan diets. This pocket-sized dehydrated breakfast will fit into your backpack with ease.
This breakfast has an interesting energy intake of 500 Kcal that will help you be ready for your morning of exercise, that is, for hiking, climbing, trekking, or any other sporting activity. This super-lightweight (just 113 g of dry mix) dehydrated breakfast is packed in a bag weighing 3 g.

- 800 Kcal pack for greater energy needs, for expeditions or autonomous running
- Vegan breakfast high in fiber with 8.4 g
- Made of oats and dried fruits, suitable for vegan diets.
Advice Store in a cool, dark place.
Ingredients Oats (gluten), coconut milk (coconut milk powder, maltodextrin, modified food, starch), walnuts, pears (pears, sulphur dioxide), dates (dates, rice flour), raw caen sugar, linseeds, salt, cinnamon, lemon, ginger.
How to prepare 1. Add 100-130 ml boiling water
2. Stir really well then cover for 7 minutes
3. Eat & enjoy!
Net weight (g) 113
Gross weight (g) 116
Number of serves 1
Volume of water to add (ml) 100-130 ml
Rehydrated weight (g) 243
Preparation time 7 min
Shelf life (from manufacturing date) 1 year
Allergens Gluten, Walnuts, Sulphur Dioxide. May contains traces other nuts and allergens.
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