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Sawyer Water Filter - Care PlusSawyer Water Filter - Care Plus
  • Sawyer Water Filter - Care Plus
  • Sawyer Water Filter - Care Plus
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Sawyer Water Filter - Care Plus

Ref : CP-10-28
The ´Care Plus´ Sawyer water filter is a filtration system using a membrane filter of 0.1 micron to capture bacteria and protozoa and make the water potable. Its life cycle is impressive, 375,000 liters.
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The Sawyer filter can make up to 375,000 liters into potable water. It captures harmful bacteria and protozoa thanks to its hollow fiber membrane filtration system.
In addition, it is ultra light, it weighs just 65 grams. It fits in the palm of your hand. As a water filter, you can use it with the straw directly from a water source, or fix it to the squeezable pouch that comes with it, or screw it onto disposable water bottles, or even onto hydration packs.

The whole system includes the 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane water filter, a reusable 500-ml pouch, a cleaning plunger (syringe), a filter cap, a drinking straw, and instructions for use.
Flow 1,7 litres/minute
Technology Membrane filter with 0.1 micron pores
Weight (g) 65
Active Agents Contre les Protozoaires et Bactéries
Autonomy Capacité de 375 000 litres
Included accessories One reusable 500ml pocket, one cleaning valve (syringe), one filter cap, one straw and instructions.
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