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English Breakfast

Ref : LH-01-01
This Salty Breakfast Gourmand will help you to start your day well. It is made by our craftsmen from Finistere and packaged in individual bag.
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A Gourmet breakfast with only delicious ingredients: eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, cream, butter, salt and pepper. Good things to have a tonic morning and kick off the day with everything to be in a good shape. This breakfast can also be a good meal for lunch.  

This recipe is particularly appreciate during outdoor activities (hiking, travelling, camping, etc.), or by the English breakfast homesicks...  

Useful, this breakfast has no need to be in the fridge, it can be preserved in a room temperature or even in your glove box, in a cupboard or again in your rucksack. Packaged in bag, this individual portion will be with you anywhere. Ready to go on adventure?  

To prepare them, you just have to heat them few minutes in a bain-marie.
You can also pour your breakfast in a plate and put it in the micro-waves or in your pan. If you are hiking, you can use heater system (self-heating bag or box) if you do not have stove.  

Advantages of this Breakfast Gourmand:
- Without preservative, additive breakfast
- 12-year shelf life in a room temperature
- Handy bag
Ingredients Eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoe, cream, butter, salt, pepper
Advice Keep the bag in a room temperature in a dry area.
How to prepare > In a bain-marie, you can put directly the bag in the boiling water, during 10 minutes
> In the microwaves, you can pour the contents into a plate adapted to the microwaves and heat it 3 minutes
> In a pot or pan, pour the contents of the bag directly into this type of ustensil
Net weight (g) 300
Gross weight (g) 350
Number of serves 1
Shelf life (from manufacturing date) 1 year
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