Flameless HeaterFlameless Heater
Brand : Jomipsa

Flameless Heater

Ref : OM-11-01
This system allows pouched sterilized meals to reheat without making a fire or using a stove. Only 50 ml of liquid are needed for the heating system to activate.
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This flameless heater allows you to reheat a dish without making a fire or using gas. You just need to add 50 ml of water in the heater.
It helps you warm up pouched pre-cooked meals.
This is the perfect solution for complete food autonomy. Ideal for survivalists, for people practicing Airsoft, and for any person engaging in an outdoor activity.
The flameless heater is a one-time use only.

- This prevents carrying a stove, which translates into gaining significant weight in your backpack, ideal for treks or self-sufficient marathons
- No need for making a fire, or using gas.
Size in cm (L x W x H) 34,3 x 19,4
Technology Heater made with sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and aluminium powder (stabilised)
Weight (g) 40
Instructions 1. Déchirer le sachet au niveau de la ligne des pointillés en haut du sachet. Introduire la poche repas sans l'ouvrir dans le sachet.
2. Ajouter de l'eau jusqu'à la marque présente sur le sachet (50 ml).
3. Replier le sachet et fermer avec l'étiquette autocollante. Poser le sachet avec le réactif vers sle bas sur une surface plate.
4. Après 10-12 minutes le repas est chaud et prêt à consommer.
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