Emergency food ration NRG-5 - 20 yearsEmergency food ration NRG-5 - 20 years
  • Emergency food ration NRG-5 - 20 years
  • Emergency food ration NRG-5 - 20 years
  • Emergency food ration NRG-5 - 20 years
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Emergency food ration NRG-5 - 20 years

Ref : MSI-09-01
Best to be used before 07/2040 - The NRG-5 emergency ration contains nine bars that can be eaten as is straight from the package, or crumbled and eaten as porridge. That´s 2.300 Kcal per ration (pack) for basic necessities in survival situations.
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NRG-5 Emergency Food Rations are suitable for the use in relief operations, civil defense and for emergency preparedness.  

NRG-5 consist of compressed food bars, 9 bars = 500g, are packed air- and watertight under vacuum in a robust tri-laminated alu foil.  

NRG-5 Emergency Food is a balanced food, consisting in all nutrients necessary to restore and maintain body functions.  

NRG-5 is suitable for children and adults and is Ready-To-Eat, - no heating or cooking necessary.  

NRG-5 contains no ingredients from animal (vegetable ingredients only) so that NRG-5 is acceptable to all cultures.  

Because of the long shelf life of min. 10 years, it can be stored for a long period of time for emergency preparedness.  

Once opened, this product has to be used within 7 days.    
Ingredients Baked wheat, vegeatable fat, sugar, vegetable protein, malt, vitamins and minerals.
How to prepare Eat slowly and chew well. Crumble and mix into previously boiled drinking water to prepare a porridge suitable as infant food.
Net weight (g) 500
Gross weight (g) 534
Number of serves 9 barres de 256 kcal chacune
Shelf life (from manufacturing date) 20 years
Shelf Life 07/2040
Nutritionnal analysis
Food composition
Energy value (Kcal)
Energy value (Kj)
Proteins (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
Lipids (fats) (g)
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