Beef, Noodles and MushroomsBeef, Noodles and Mushrooms
  • Beef, Noodles and Mushrooms
  • Beef, Noodles and Mushrooms
  • Beef, Noodles and Mushrooms
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Beef, Noodles and Mushrooms

Ref : TR-03-06
This 125g pouch contains a freeze-dried meal that you can enjoy during your outdoor activities, like hiking or biking. This recipe made of beef, noodles, onions, and mushrooms is easy to prepare, just add 350 ml of water, and let stand for 5-10 minutes.
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This beef, noodles and mushrooms meal will make you feel happy and satisfied during a hiking trip for example. After a long day on the trail, eating this warm outdoor dish will keep your spirits high and help you move forward throughout your journey.

- One of ´Travellunch´ best recipes
- Idea : Serve this meal with a soup
- Close to 550 Kcal for 125 g.
Ingredients pasta 44 % (wheat semolina, egg protein, salt), beef 8 %, modified starch, palm fat, toasted onions 6 % (onions 76 %, palm fat, wheat flour), butter powder, tomato powder, salt, maltodextrin, mushrooms 2 %, whey protein, cream powder, yeast extract, onions, herbs, spices, flavouring.
How to prepare Add around 350 ml of boiling water
Net weight (g) 125
Gross weight (g) 142
Number of serves 1
Volume of water to add (ml) 350
Rehydrated weight (g) 475
Preparation time 10 minutes
Shelf life (from manufacturing date) 5 years
Allergens milk, eggs, gluten. May contain traces of soy and celery.
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bon produit mais ...
By  olivier|14/07/2017
« Bon produit. Dommage que les informations sur la quantité d'eau n'existent pas ... si on respect le schéma au dos du paquet, on fabrique de la soupe ... mettre la moitié d'eau par rapport au volume de matière sèche. »
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bon mais un peu gras
By  william|22/06/2018
« Un peu trop gras en bouche en fin c'est râpent... »
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