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Pack - Food reserves for 12 months

These are packs available in boxes with a 10 to 25-year shelf life for food storage in anticipation of emergency or crisis situations. Food packs available according to the number of people and pack lifetime. They allow to feed you for a 90-day period (depending on the pack selected).

You can get the "Comfort" or the "Survival" pack from the brand Fuel Your Preparation, meaning 2 dishes per day for the comfort pack or 1 dish per day for the survival one. Emergency Food packs consist of diversified recipes for breakfast (muesli, bread, milk and even butter powder…), meat-based meals (curry chicken, chili con carne…), meat-free meals (pasta in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, omelette, soups…), and even boxes with spelt or whole wheat to make your own bread.

You can also prepare your own pack and find out whether it meets your needs with the nutrition summary available in your basket. If you want, we can prepare your pack on demand and customize it by simple request at : team@lyophilise.com.

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