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Prepared meals - 10 days

Hereunder a selection of 10-day prepared meals, for one or two persons. These packs are designed for the North Atlantic crossing races like the Transquadra Race, but of course they can be used for any other adventure journeys. These freeze-dried food packs have been prepared from the current brands available in our product range, with preference given to our bestsellers and therefore the most popular ones among the range. Variants can also be found with ready-made meals (non freeze-dried meals).

For each pack, you have a version with freeze-dried meals only and a version with a mix between freeze-dried and ready-made meals.

Moreover you can pick a version with or without snacks. Then you can select if you want a pack for one or two people.

If you want, we can make your personalized pack through a simple request : team@lyophilise.com noting any of your diferent desires.

You can also use the tool "My weekly menu plans" to create a menu depending on your needs and wishes.

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